Becoming a SAN should not be a life aspiration. It is a status and not a mission.

Your focus should rather be on the value you render, whether as a SAN or lawyer.

Sometimes, our parents look at us and the next thing they see is a famous lawyer, who is either a Prof, SAN or the next Gani.

Yes, they want they best for us but, we should never aspire to be famous. Fame, whether positive or negative, trails actions. Do good and you’ll be known for good, and vice versa.

Whatever path you set your feet upon after Law School, focus on rendering services and giving value.

Whether as a make-up artist or creative designer, never focus on money as a goal. It’s hard. Yet, trite.


Money is an exchange for value. The more value you have/give, the more money you can exchange it  for – except you pursue dishonest paths.

Focus on the value you give, and the services you render. They’ll pay you more in the future than the quickest money you can make right now.

Do have a productive day.

© #WordsByYanju

Olayanju Phillip


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