How And Why Should A Lawyer Fall In Love?

“Love isn’t something you find. Love is
something that finds you.” – Loretta Young

Many of us, at one point or the other in life have fallen in love; we know it is a powerful feeling that cannot just be explained, and as time goes by, we find out the best things that happen to us are the things that cannot just be explained. It is rather unfortunate that this inexplicably feeling that seems right, sometimes may have its own downside; this downside is usually said to be when someone has “fallen out of love”. It is important to know that since the source and cause of love cannot be explained, the end of love can be explained.
Truth be told, the end of love is not a mystery. Love as a concept is something most people do not understand yet; when the feeling of love ends, one of the sane reasons for this is that: most people do not know how to fall in love, and this explains why they fall out of love.

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As Lawyers and students of Law, there are some things you need to know about falling in love. You need to know why you should fall in love and how you should fall in love. If you are any of the above, you should fall in love, yes fall in love! You should fall in love with the profession of Law. At first instance, most people tend to fall in love with the profession, as things go on the way they should, they begin to fall out of love with the profession; due to reason above: they do not just understand the technicalities of falling in love with the profession. Here, you would learn things that you need to know, so that you would know how to fall in love with the profession properly. To successfully fall in love with the legal profession, you need to know how to fall in love with three things:
1) You need to have a serious crush on the books: Did you know that a lawyer with no knowledge in his cerebral cortex is a laughing stock? He or she will be a mere moron. To avoid this embarrassment you need to love the books and the codes; if not for any reason, just bear it in mind that a reading lawyer is a leading lawyer. Also the more you read the more things you know; the more that you learn, the more places you will go.

2) You need to love your colleagues and the Gavel bangers: The opposing counsel is not your enemy created by God, he is also someone fighting for the rights of another individual. Don’t get it twisted, in the law court, you are no friends (please do not push it to the limit); you need to build a career relationship with other lawyers so that you would rise up real fast; as a law student, you need to quickly learn how to connect with your peers and love them.
The decision makers and the judges are not left out, this set of people should be loved whether or not they decide in your favour, they are there to decide the merit of each case.

3) Make the Law your first wife/husband: Lawyers must learn to know that: ‘a good lawyer knows where to find the law’, this is one of the main weapon of a lawyer; you should not take the law for granted; know it, learn it and love it. Let’s try this, take out the last three letters of the word Lawyer, it forms the word: Law, this is what forms your basis in the profession.

If you can fall in love with the three listed above, there is an optimal assurance that you have learnt how to fall in love with the profession; and you also know how to fall in love, with no choice of falling out. Are you ready to effectively fall in love now?


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