How Can A Lawyer Be Successful? A Principle You Need To Know

The fear of Grade Points commonly called G.P is the beginning of wisdom for a law student. Many students often make “Grade Points” sound overrated; please if you are a law student or a student of any other discipline, let Grade points appear overrated to you.
Many lawyers who were compulsory law students had to do something most Masons do: they had to build; not essentially with bricks, but they had to build up their Grade points. Now the question most will ask: what does it take to build a Grade Point to a suitable level of satisfaction? In no too many words, the answer is “Hard work”.

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Hard work is a vital ingredient that makes a successful lawyer, most successful lawyers were not born that way; they are trained that way. If as a law student you are not hard working, it is a sorry case that you will be at the bottom of the food chain. You never see a lazy student top your class even though his background is of an affluent one. No matter who you are, if you do not work hard to excel, you are no better a lunatic who is demented in the figment of his own imagination.
Subsequently, you metamorphose from the stage of being a law student to a full mature lawyer, the same principle applies to you at this point in life, you need to really know that life is not a bed full of roses, if you do not realise this fact you’ll sleep in thorns. After struggling so hard to get good grades and all the laurels in school, does not give a 100% guarantee that you’ll be a great lawyer; you still need some more input of hard work and creativity. You need to be brave to stand up to the realities of life.
It is a smart resolution if you decide from this day to be diligent in all your endeavours even though you have not been diligent in the past; it is better late than never. To be a successful lawyer you need to be hard working and diligent.


2 thoughts on “How Can A Lawyer Be Successful? A Principle You Need To Know

  1. yes. 100% agree. To be a successful lawyer u have to b hard worker, for knowing what is right and once known, u should have courage to convey and convince the other side for achieving ur target.


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