The Brains of a Lawyer: How Smart are you as an Attorney?

We as humans are made up of five sense organs, which are deemed to function to provide optimal utility to our body. Indeed, science has proven that no part of our body is redundant, or acts as a mere decoration, they are all functional and useful. There is just one remarkable fact that has kept me wondering: what exactly qualifies a thing as an almighty organ, when it is still subjected to another body part that typically controls these sense organs? This body part that controls is the Brain!

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This part of the body is very powerful and important, by the virtue of the fact that it controls all parts of the body; it is pertinent to mention that it is also used especially for cognitive and deductive reasoning. This is one part of the body that can not be toyed with (at least for obvious reasons).
Lawyers are a set of skilled people whose daily task revolve around this masterpiece. The brains of a Lawyer are technically wired, it differs from any random or ordinary brain; this is what I’ll call the “LLB (Lawyer’s Legal Brain). If you are a Lawyer, Law student or aspiring Lawyer here are three things you need to know about your LLB:
1) It is not for frivolous things that do not yield positive results. Engaging in things that will profit you no good, is the same thing as saying one is living a worthless life. As a Lawyer, you should invest your time in developing your brain, one of the ways of doing this is by reading; another way is by developing your entrepreneurship skills.
2) It is meant to be controlled by you, not anyone else. Why on earth will one have a brain, just for it to be used by another person? Take time to figure this point. If as a Lawyer you haven’t figured how to use your brain, maybe you’re not just fit for the profession. Be confident, know when to do the right thing at the right time. Never let anyone use you and dump you just for the sake of it or any other reason.
3) It is your pride and jewel, a masterpiece you cannot do without. At one point or the other you must have cherished one thing or the other. There is something else you should cherish, your brains; if you have no regard for it, then it’s a pitiable case. Never put a price tag on your brains because it’s priceless and of inestimable value.

Take home this three points, renew your mind and discover how smart you have become. It is something you just have to deal with.



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