Imagine A World With no Lawyers

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What did I just imagine? I saw a world in the post apocalyptic times, just because I imagined a world without Lawyers. Gush! How terrible the sensation was. It is possible to say that Lawyers are the life wires of nations (they supersede commerce itself), lawyers are the custodians of the Law, they cherish it like it’s an expected new born babe. Someone was asked, what would happen if the world had no Lawyers? He said, “They would exist in another lexical form, probably not with the word lawyers.” Another said, “Then the world will suffer, because there wouldn’t be anyone to protect their rights.” Lawyers are the treasures of nations, some grow to become Presidents, Governors, Ministers and so much more; at the very least they are at the helms of affairs.
Make no mistake, ‘Lawyers are Leaders‘. Let’s see this logical idea… The saying goes: ‘Readers are Leaders’; without much doubt, to become a Lawyer you have to be an avid reader, do you see where the conclusion ends? If Lawyers are Leaders, and I am being asked to imagine a world with no Lawyers, then I’ll imagine a world without leaders and readers. The followers of nations will lack direction, therefore plunging nations into savagery.
Please do not ever tell some imagine a world without Lawyers. It’s an imagination that could kill the soul.



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