Be Your Own Harvey Specter!

Many Lawyers, most especially the Law students always have this assumption: “when  I start practicing as a lawyer, I will be like the great Specter who closes deals within  the space of some seconds.” There is no problem with the assumption above; but  when you think of the word “like” it makes you feel like a copy cat. The point being that  we should not always strive to be someone else’s personality. As a lawyer you need to  give an introspective view as to how you want to be treated; do not limit yourself to someone else’s maximum limit, there is no gainsaying that being like the great  Specter is a bonus, it does not stop at that, strive to be the best Specter one can ever Harvey Specter imagine.

Now let no mistake be made; while on your way to the top, be careful not to crush other people’s heads (learn to do the Law with integrity), this is  Harvey Specter’s number one rule. Without integrity in the Law profession, only one  thing can be guaranteed; a lawyer far from integrity will always go down the slippery  slope. How do you think Harvey Specter was able to tackle his opponents? Legal  minds beware, your dishonesty will always draw you away from glory: clients will no  longer trust; opponents will always blackmail you; judges and jurists will belittle your  facts and evidence. To be your own Harvey Specter you need to summon up courage to  do the following: 
•Know the Law. 
•Widen your knowledge base.
•Most importantly, uphold your integrity.

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