God Favoured Lawyers

If you are Lawyer raise your hand; if you are not, raise your standard”
I wondered for a while what that statement connoted, for a moment I thought it was myopic and purely chauvinistic. That thought dashed in and out of my mind like a restless housefly. I always imagined what those outside the legal profession feel, things like: “is law the only thing on earth?” “What makes a lawyer more special? Naturally, the answers to these questions are in the negative; irrespective of this negation, it does not mean that these questions are not technically true.
To basically analyse the first statement, it will be pertinent to know that everything in this world rests on the balance of law. But does that answer the question? Yes, it does because if everything does not revolve around law, the whole earth will be a place of disorder and chaos. That is why the first being has placed all form of order and peace in the hands of some dignified custodians who uphold the law. This favouritism is of a free volution, no force can stop. As the Law is superior, so are its custodians.
As regards the second question, the answer is embedded in the answer of the first question. Lawyers are made special by the virtue of the fact that they are custodians of a very compelling force in the society.

Take it or leave it… All men are superior, until some became lawyers.

The People’s Accolade Law Magazine


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