Why Lawyers Think They Are The Most Endowed: One Lawyer’s ego is another Lawyer’s fall.

It is no facade, no illusion, no gainsaying in mentioning the fact that majority of those who fall within the purview of the legal profession, especially the lawyers have an aura of “ego” hovering around their shoulders. This is what the native man will mention in his colloquial saying: “50 shoulder pad“. Have you ever come to wonder why most, if not all lawyers have this ego complex? The answer is simply, but the most common of these answers is: “it is not easy to become a lawyer”
This notion expressed above has placed many in their doom, some have even placed a terrible hex on their career due to a reckless show of this manifestation of this syndrome. It is true that it is not easy to become a lawyer; however, what I would want to find out is, which discipline is now easy to pass without an atom of stress? Practically none, therefore nothing bestows upon the legal profession the toughest profession ever. The myopic and microscopic view of some have led to this unwarranted assumption.
Many look down on others because they have a law degree. What on earth will the law degree do for humanity? If one cannot humble oneself to serve. There is no special place in paradise for lawyers, no special apartment and vehicle for anyone who has been called to Bar, even the law does not see lawyers as special to that extent, then what’s the fuss?
Notwithstanding, confidence must not be mistaken for ego. Having spent time knowing and studying the law diligently, automatically it guarantees one confidence. This is a general principle and a reality of life. Those who missed the chance of learning the law or even those with inferiority complex see this confidence as pride. So sorry to burst each an every bubble of theirs, because this is not the case. For a lawyer to be successful, a manifestation of his confidence must be present; no jury or judge wants to see a crayfish or a timid rat in their presence; no one wants to hear an incoherent lawyer speak; that’s why most lawyers muster up confidence and courage to be the best at what they do.

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